Euroscan username: password: home about euroscan membership members activities methods outputs news contact links back to results print polestar intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (imri) source agency: anzhsn date of submission: 07/03/2005 date of printing: 10/10/2012 disclaimer: this report is work in progress and should not be used for external distribution without permission from the originating agency. viagra canada online Users should be aware that reports are based on information available at the time of research and often on a limited literature search. order viagra Technology, company & licensing technology name: polestar n10 system technology - description: the polestar n10 system is a compact mri unit designed for use in normal operating theatres, to provide intra-operative mri (imri) images during cranial surgery. viagra canada The scanner is portable and when not in use can be stored in a shielded iron cabinet. goes generic viagra work The scanner consists of two parallel vertical discs embedded together with the gradient and radio frequency transmitter coils. Company or developer: odin technologies ltd manufacture the polestar n10, which is distributed by medtronic surgical navi reason for database entry: imri is an innovative method for the accurate detection of cranial tumours during surgery. will 50mg viagra work Conventional mri or computed tomography (ct) scans are used pre-operatively as a diagnostic tool and to mark the location and borders of brain tumours. viagra online without prescription However, when the skull and dura mater are opened during surgery, the brain tissue may shift, making the pre-operative images unreliable. viagra coupon Technology - stage in early warning process: assessment complete technology - stage of development: other licensing, reimbursement and other approval: the polestar n10 system received 510 (k) approval from the united states food and drug administration but currently does not have approval from the australian therapeutic goods administration. Technology - type(s): device technology - use(s): diagnostic patient indication & setting patient indications: neurosurgical patients disease. viagra without prescriptions canada history behind viagra